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Research Paper: ANALYSIS OF SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE IN OHIO: Context, Savings, Costs, Financing


This economic analysis explores the implications of a single payer health plan in the state of Ohio if it were to go into effect in 2019. The Act would replace Ohio’s current multi-payer system in which individuals, private businesses and government entities pay public and private insurers for health care coverage. The Act would establish a state health plan to finance medically necessary care including hospitalization, doctor visits, dental, vision, mental/behav-ioral health, prescribed occupational and physical therapy, prescription drugs, medical devices, and rehabilitative care. The Plan would offer this comprehensive coverage to all re-sidents and would pay for it with broad-based, progress-ively graduated premiums assessed by the State on payrolls and on non-payroll income. Long-term care will be added under a plan to be developed within two years of the Act taking effect.




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